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We handle traffic tickets in the City of Dallas, Dallas County and surrounding areas. Fees for warrant removal in Dallas and nearby cities range from $50-$125. If you have a warrant, call immediately for a free consultation and let us help you avoid arrest.

If you have been issued a traffic citation, or ordinance violation and take no action on or before the appearance date, a warrant has probably been issued for your arrest! When you receive a traffic ticket, the police officer requests that you sign it. Your signature is not a plea of "guilty" to the charge. It is simply your promise to appear in court, on or before the appearance date. Anyone who receives a traffic ticket in the State of Texas, is issued an appearance date. By law, you or your traffic ticket attorney, must enter an appearance in your case before that date. If you fail to take any action on your traffic ticket, a warrant can be issued for your arrest.

Once a warrant is issued, you may be arrested anywhere in the State of Texas. In addition, you may be arrested in your home or at work, in front of family, friends or co-workers. The State of Texas may also charge you with failure to appear. In addition to being arrested and jailed, drivers who haven't settled warrants could be subject to a hold being placed on vehicle registrations with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, as part of the Scofflaw Program, and renewals for driver's licenses can be denied.

Alias vs Capias Warrants

For traffic tickets, there are two types of warrants: alias warrants and capias warrants. An alias warrant is issued when you fail to appear either for the initial appearance date or for a scheduled court date. If you have an alias warrant, once we receive your fee, we can post an attorney bond which immediately recalls your arrest warrant and establishes a court date. We will then discuss with you how you want to handle your case.

A capias warrant is issued if you fail to comply with an agreement or terms of a plea bargain you made with the court. For instance, if you request to have your traffic ticket dismissed by taking defensive driving, and do not follow through you may be issued a capias warrant. Unlike an alias warrant, a capias warrant cannot be removed by the posting of an attorney bond. However, we can still negotiate on your behalf.

Not sure you have a warrant? Municipal searches for Dallas are here. If you believe you have a warrant out for your arrest, contact us immediately! We can assist you and help you avoid arrest.

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