Client Testimonials for the Law Office of Cameron Byrd

We strive to provide excellent representation to all of our clients and work hard for each and every one of them. Most of our new cases come from word of mouth from satisfied clients such as those below.

  • Patrick B.

    Traffic Ticket Client, Waxahachie, Texas

    I recommend the Law Office of Cameron Byrd to anyone who has received a ticket in the Dallas area. Cameron's office got my warrant dismissed and handled my Waxahachie speeding ticket. They made everything very easy for me. I'm not sure exactly how he did it, but I got off with no defensive driving and no fees paid. Going forward I will always hire a traffic ticket attorney to handle any tickets I get.

  • Dina G.

    Personal Injury Client, Dallas, Texas

    I give my highest recommendation to the Law Office of Cameron Byrd. This law firm has become our family and friend law firm because they are professional and achieve results. My family and I have gone through tough times with several accidents. Cameron Byrd and Ricardo Tovar handled our injury claims and we were able to focus on just getting better instead of battling insurance companies and lawyers. The legal consultations, with Mr. Tovar were quick and easy and he is extremely trustworthy. I will definitely continue to recommend the Law Office of Cameron Byrd to family and friends.

  • Ana

    Traffic Ticket Client, Dallas, Texas

    I'm happy to have found the Law Office of Cameron Byrd. He's always been there for me and my husband. I've used them several times now. I recommend hire them, your worries will be over. They work good and they are friendly.

  • Leticia Chalot

    Auto Accident Client

    October 2014 was the first time I had ever been in a car accident; I had no idea of what to do or how to handle my situation. Luckily, I got a recommendation to go see one of the paralegals that works there by the name of Ricardo. The Law Office of Cameron Byrd is a very professional and welcoming corporation. I'm extremely thankful that I came across this firm because they turned my horrible experience into a great one. Ricardo and Cameron did an amazing job taking care of my case and were more than helpful throughout every step of the way. If you ever need help in a personal injury case, this is your place to go!

  • Vanessa Mendez

    Traffic Ticket Client

    I recommend the Law Office of Cameron Byrd, P.C and it's staff to anyone looking to get good results and not have to pay an outrageous amount. I have hired other law offices to handle other tickets in other counties and I did not get the results anywhere close to these cases. I actually paid way more including lawyer fees along with the original fines. I hired the Law Office of Cameron Byrd, P.C. to represent me on several unpaid traffic tickets that had gone into warrant status. I enjoyed working with paralegal Ricardo Tovar, he communicated clearly and when needed to ensure I was kept updated on all cases. Within three months all tickets were dismissed and I only had to go to show up at court a few times. Mr. Byrd showed up on time and I didn't have to wait too long in court before finding out my charge was dismissed. I should of hired them a long time ago! 5 tickets which should of cost me in over 2,200 only costed me a $250 plus $30 omni fee. Such a better option with great results and time saving. I highly recommend Law Office of Cameron Byrd, P.C if you are looking to get good results that will not cost you a high dollar amount.